Moot Court is an integral aspect of law student life and the lessons learn by participation in Moot Court helps the student to stand tall in the real Court when they enter the profession. Moot Court is an indispensable part of legal education and participation in Moot court is a mandatory requirement of Bar Council of India (BCI) in regular LLB Course. KLC believes in the holistic development of students not only in the academic front but also on practical aspects. KLC has a separate functional Moot court Society consisting of students and faculty members as mentors of the students wherein the minute detail of mooting is taught to students. Society is actively engaged in conducting Moot courts at the national and international levels. The students of KLC are made to interact with practicing advocates of Supreme Court High courts and District court under the aegis of this society in order to motivate them and make them understand the vital contribution which is being made to the professional life of Advocate by participation in moot court at the college level. KLC has a separate Moot Court Hall which is equipped with all the required infrastructure for conduction of Moot Court competition. The ambiance of KLC Moot Court hall which has in-housed books, bare acts, commentaries, properly arranged podiums, Statue of lady Justice, images of the preamble of Constitution, etc. is itself an important factor which encourages the students to participate in the Moot Court. The Moot Court society at KLC has the onus of informing the prospective students of KLC with regard to upcoming moot court competitions in the country and then the students are trained hard by the faculties for the same. The society also has collaboration with various other law colleges to keep pace with the modern development and technique in the area of mooting.