Dr. Vinay Kumar - Director 
Mr. Ramchandra Singh
Kisan Law College Jaipur
Welcome to the abode of learning and exploration. A place where ideas and imagination take flight in spectacular surroundings, a place to pursue your passions and sharpen your mind, a place which will discover your strengths and a place to hone your skills to make an impact on the world. At Kisan Law College, we believe that nothing is beyond reach and that it should be our endeavour to be the best. Academic excellence should exist alongside, and not in place of, a happy and enjoyable College life, which should be busy, productive and above all, meaningful. We encourage you to pursue a variety of interests and passions, both inside and outside the classroom. Academic rigour, an exciting range of courses, excellent facilities and an enjoyable environment at Kisan Law College, gives it an unrivalled status.Through diverse disciplines and focus on innovation and research, we are committed to cultivate critical thinking and creativity, inspiring lifelong passion for intellectual discovery. I wish a bright and successful life for all.